Revenue Jump of 97% with AdSparc Header Bidding Solution

September 17, 2021

Header Bidding case-study image - AdSparc

The publisher is a popular news website in the Middle-East region with millions of monthly readers.

Problem Definition:

  • Web monetisation fell behind the competition
  • Monetisation via Google AdX demand only
  • No competition via Header Bidding


  • To significantly increase web revenue without additional investment from the publisher team
  • To ensure monetisation tactics are on par with the industry standards

AdSparc Solution Implemented:

  • Proprietary header bidding solution to add the full spectrum of bid competition from tier 1 SSPs
  • Automatic Floor Optimisation to ensure optimal monetization for each impression
  • In-view Optimisation to increase viewability and eCPM


  • 26% increase in the fill rate and 18% increase in overall eCPM which resulted in a 49% increase in RPM
  • Auto-floor function increased request eCPM by 63%
  • With ‘in-view’ optimization, the average viewability wais increased by 43% resulting in a 70% increase in eCPM and 77% increase in RPM
  • Increase in competition with 63% of inventory bought by new bidders

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