Header bidding made easy and risk-free

Full service header bidding wrapper solution and (optional) Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Header bidding enables publishers to receive bids from every demand partner simultaneously so that the impression is always awarded to the highest bidder. This framework, however, requires time and expertise to implement correctly.

AdSparc's global team of programmatic experts provides a custom wrapper solution to help publishers eliminate key pain points and ensure maximum yield so they can focus on direct campaigns and private marketplaces.

As a part of our full service solution, our team of experts will ensure that your site is compliant with GDPR. We can provide a custom CMP to gather PII consent from users or deploy non-personalised ads for EU users. Read more about why you need a CMP.

Already have a Header Bidding wrapper?
Add more demand with the AdSparc Header Bidding Adapter.

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Guaranteed 20% minimum yield increase

We guarantee a minimum 20% increase in yield or we will not apply our yield management fees. Publishers typically see at least 35-50% increase after implementing our wrapper solution. Your dedicated Yield Manager will work with you to set goals and frequently report on performance. Net 45 payment terms.

Protection from Malware

Malware activity is widespread in the market and can be damaging to any publisher selling to the open exchange. AdSparc's wrapper solution incorporates Safeframes to provide greater protection for publishers by preventing malware such as mobile redirects and popups from loading and damaging the user experience.

Connect to over 20 SSPs exchanges

Header bidding may sound simple to implement, but it becomes increasingly complex with each new demand partner that is integrated. Each new bidder needs significant time investment to correctly integrate, manage and optimise and there is no guarantee that yield will be higher than traditional waterfalls. Through AdSparc, publishers can connect to all the major international demand partners through a single point of contact.

Case Study: AdSparc wrapper doubles earnings in under 30 days

case study graph

Publishers that use our header-bidding solution normally see an average increase in yield between 35 – 50%, but as shown in this recent case study, this publisher's eCPM increased by more than double (123%) in less than 30 days.

Fast paced expertise: It is normally a long process a publisher to integrate a competitive number of bidders (10+) by themselves. Our existing relationships and expertise with each bidder allows us to quickly enable a large number of bidders to compete and drive up the eCPM.

Optimization: Adding bidders is only one part of the header bidding process. True expertise is shown in the optimization decisions made to remove underperforming bidders or high latency bidders.

Why AdSparc?

True competition for each bid unlike SSPs that offer their own wrapper, we are truly demand agnostic so have no bias towards which SSP wins the bid. An SSP has an innate conflict of interest against providing true maximum competition for each bid because it means they could lose revenue to competitors.

Other Advantages

Rely on our experience of previous publisher implementations to avoid pitfalls
- Leverage our proprietary header bidding toolkit based on prebid.js framework
- Bespoke solution to fit your ad placements and advertising guidelines

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