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Programmatic pioneers Lemma Technologies and AdSparc have formed a Joint Venture to bring purpose built programmatic DOOH technology that truly is automated from end to end to screen owners and advertisers in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.

Lemma was founded by the main technology team that built the Pubmatic SSP platform. The founders of Lemma moved out of Pubmatic three years ago to build a new platform from scratch. They are pioneering the DOOH programmatic space in APAC and already have over 25,000 screens live across 3 countries.


Programmatic DOOH exchange to connect advertisers and screen holders at scale

As enablers of programmatic digital out of home advertising AdSparc and Lemma offer an integrated platform that empowers advertisers, agencies and publishers to harness the power of digital out of home screens and programmatically reach extensive outdoor audiences like never before.

Our solution hones DOOH with the capabilities and ease there is to digital media advertising. A solution that allows advertisers to buy, measure and optimise DOOH campaigns much like how mobile and web campaigns are managed today.

We are set on a path to revolutionise DOOH advertising, empowered by our cloud based programmatic ad exchange that’ll drive innovation, impact and efficiency in the DOOH industry.

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 100% purpose built for DOOH  

Connecting Supply and Demand

The Lemma platform is a true exchange, solving the industry wide challenge of incompatibility between the DOOH value chain.

Audience Profiling

We provide extensive audience data for campaigns that can be easily populated and repurposed for retargeting.

IoT Beacon Technology Integrations

Robust repository of data built with IOT beacons and third party data sources to aid in cusom audience targeting and reducing impression wastage for advertisers.

High Performance Ad Serving

A purpose build DOOH ad server with the capability to deliver millions of data driven advertisements with minimal latency. 

Flexible CMS Connections

Use our proprietary CMS or bring your own. Our highly adaptable platform is currently integrated with eight different DOOH CMS platforms. 

Dynamic Ad Rendering

Automated process to render ads in real time across multiple screens with no manual intervention. 

Real Time Campaign Management

Active, optimise and manage campaigns just as easily as your mobile and web campaigns through one centralised platform.



Complete transparency from a single view dashboard in terms of campaign delivery and ad placement, accessible in real time. 

1st IAB Compliant Platform

Fully connected with the programmatic advertising ecosystem and compliant with all IAB protocols to ensure smooth technical integrations on both demand and supply side.


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