Australian Publisher Increases Revenue By 69%

September 20, 2021

AdSparc AMP Monetization Case-study Feature Image

Australian Publisher Increases Revenue By 69% in Q2 with AdSparc AMP Monetization Tech

The Publisher:

The publisher is a popular Australian website for a mature and wealthy audience, serving several million impressions per month

Previous AMP monetisation solution:

Monetisation via Google AdX demand and only standard IAB units (300 x 250). No competition via Prebid

Problem definition:

AMP pages are a critical piece for the Publisher to attract mobile users via Google Search, but monetisation of AMP inventory fell behind compared to the web.


To significantly increase AMP revenue without additional investment from the Publisher team & ensure AMP monetisation is ready for the Google Core Web Vitals update

AdSparc Solution Implemented:

  • Unique Prebid server-side header bidding to add a full spectrum of bid competition from tier 1 SSPs
  • Automatic Floor Optimisation to ensure optimal monetization for each impression
  • In-view optimisation to increase viewability and eCPM
  • Addition of exclusive ad units: Flying Carpet and Sticky

AMP case-study - increase in viewability

Results in Q2 compared to Q1:

  • A 12% increase in viewability with in-view optimization
  • Auto-floor function increased request eCPM by 124%
  • Ad refresh & additional ad units increased total imps by 381%
  • Increase in competition as non-adx demand contributed more than 60% of the total income

AMP Monetization case-study - auto-floor optimization

AMP Monetization case-study - source of revenue

AMP Monetization case-study - Increase in Revenue

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