AdSparc Solution for
AMP Inventory Monetisation

Increase revenue from your AMP ad inventory with AdSparc’s server-side header bidding and innovative ad-unit such as the Flyer Carpet on your AMP pages!

AMP Optimised Prebid Server

Server-to-server header bidding implementation via RTC to increase competition and demand for your AMP inventory, meaning higher revenues

Multi Ad-Formats

AdSparc suite of innovative ad-units are fully compatible to run on AMP pages thus ensuring further improvement in viewability and CTRs

Loads of Demand

Leverage our relationships with multiple AMP demand partners to improve CPM and fill rates for your AMP ad inventory

Google Cloud Platform

The fast and reliable Google Cloud Platform ensures faster ad loading on AMP pages that further increases publisher revenue

High Viewability and CTR

Combination of server-side header bidding and innovative ad-units drive high AMP ad viewability and CTRs

Auto Ad-Refresh (30 sec)

We’ll set the auto ad-refresh (minimum 30 sec) that can increase the AMP revenue by around 20%

AdSparc Advantages for AMP Ads Monetisation


End-to-End Implementation

We’ll take care of the end-to-end implementation of the AMP ads monetisation solution for your website’s AMP pages. Sit back and enjoy higher revenue!

Unified Reporting & Troubleshooting

We’ve developed a comprehensive, transparent, and powerful reporting tool for AMP ads monetisation that is simple and easy to understand

Technical Expertise & Proven Record

Our in-house team of AMP experts, with extensive technical knowledge and industry experience, are here to ensure a continuous increase in AMP revenue

Our Demand Partners for AMP Ads


Our Demand Partners for AMP Ads


Why AMP for Publishers ?

Improved User Experience

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a project developed by Google to support the creation of light-weight web pages that loads faster (about 6x faster than html5). Webpage speed impacts the user experience significantly. Improved user experience then results in higher viewability of ads too.

Dedicated Slot for AMP pages in Google SERP

Google has a dedicated space within SERPs for web pages developed with the AMP framework. This opens up massive opportunities for publishers to beat the competition who are not on AMP yet, improve CTRs, increase visitors and page views (PVs), thus increase ad revenue for publishers.

More than 50M Websites on AMP

With 70% y-o-y growth in AMP adoption, the number of websites with AMP has crossed 50 million in 2019. As a publisher, you should adopt it to leverage its advantages before the competition catches on to it.

Positive Impact on SEO Results

Page speed and user experience are major factors for Google while calculating web page score for ranking in SERPs. AMP pages improve both for publishers. Web pages with the AMP framework are ranking higher in SERPs than web pages without it.

Higher Ad Viewability

With faster load time and improved user experience, AMP pages improve ad viewability (more than 70%) that creates competition among advertisers for AMP ad inventory and opens doors for improved ad revenue for publishers.

Massive Increase in CPMs and CTRs

Higher ad viewability on AMP pages results in higher CTRs that invariably increases competition among advertisers and helps publishers earn higher CPMs for AMP ad inventory.

Super Charge Your
AMP With

Google is pushing very hard on user experience and page speed this year for its search algorithms, and with the new Core Web Vitals update coming in May 2021, publishers without AMP will be at a distinct disadvantage.

We can help with supercharging your AMP strategy!

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