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AMP Monetisation Challenges That We Solve

Only 5 Slots to Add Third-Party Codes

AMP allows only 5 slots (RTC slots) to publishers to add ad server, analytics, and advertising partners (ad exchanges & ad networks). This brings the challenge of increasing competition for the ad inventory.

Web Prebid Header Bidding Issues

Normal Header Bidding Wrapper technology is not compatible with the AMP tech. Ad tech partners can only be added individually in 5 RTC slots provided.

Dearth of AMP Optimized Ad-Units

High performing ad-units that work seamlessly with web pages are not compatible with AMP pages. Not many tech partners in the industry have AMP-specific high performing ad-units to boost revenue.

Supercharge Your AMP Advertising with AdSparc

Server Side Header Bidding for AMP

Server-to-server Prebid implementation via RTC-Config to increase competition and connecting to 15+ premium SSPs for AMP inventory

Demand from 15+ Tier 1 SSPs

AdSparc works with all global tier 1 SSPs & DSPs with AMP compatible advertising campaigns to maximise publisher’s AMP ad inventory fill rates


AMP Optimized High Performing Ad-Units

AMP compatible Innovative ad-units such as Sticky Footer and the Flying Carpet ensure higher viewability and CTRs with their unique feature that allow ad-loading only when ‘in view’

AMP Monetisation Platform

The most effective Prebid server side ad monetisation platform for AMP

The only S2S platform supporting Real-Time Reporting

AMP Monetisation Solution Features

Auto Ad-refresh (30 Sec)

Increase ad impression by 20% with auto ad refresh feature for AMP inventory

Automatic Floor Price Optimisation

Increase revenue by automatically optimising each ad request with our Floors product natively embedded in the S2S wrapper

Unified Reporting & Troubleshooting

A comprehensive, real-time, transparent, and powerful reporting tool for AMP ads monetisation that is simple to use and easy to understand

Easy 3 Step Integration

Fill out the Ad Unit Mapping Document

Add the Code to your Website

Enjoy 30-50% Increase in AMP Revenue

Some of Our Demand Partners for AMP Ads

Numbers Don’t Lie

A popular Australian website for a mature and wealthy audience, serving several million impressions per month, witnessed 46% jump in AMP revenue leveraging AdSparc AMP Monetisation Solution

Publishers Love our AMP Solution and Platform

The cooperation with AdSparc went very well from the very first moment. AdSparc came up with good suggestions to tackle our ads structure and to boost revenue. The AdSparc team are always on top of technology, market updates and regularly evaluate with us, which we find very pleasant.

Thierry Bakker