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Header Bidding

Maximise bid competition to increase ROI

AdSparc provides a unified platform to have all demand sources bid simultaneously for your inventory. This increases competition for your inventory and will increase eCPMs and fill rate and will push up overall earnings of the advertising placements.


The wrapper one line of code placed on your site that controls the auction. All bids are considered in real time and the wrapper ensures the highest yielding bid wins the auction.  content goes here. Edit or remove this text inl


If you already have a wrapper live and want to increase eCPM and fill rate AdSparc can plug our unique demand and extensive programmatic demand in your wrapper with a simple adapter integration. 


Parallel bidding tags are a great back fill solution. We execute a simultaneous real time auction for your inventory on our platform and pass the winning bid to your ad server via a JS tag.

Platform Features


Increase Revenue by 20-40%

The optimised bid competition will typically substantially increase ROI of inventory  

Real Time Enterprise Analytics

Know all you need to know when you need to know in real time. Comprehensive reporting suite! 

Easy Deployment

One simple line of code implemented to your site will do the trick. We will take care of the rest.  

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